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Brian weiss past life regression hypnosis

What is Brian Weiss past life regression?

Past life regression and future life progression

Weiss claims he has regressed more than 4,000 patients since 1980. Weiss advocates hypnotic regression as therapy, claiming that many phobias and ailments are rooted in past-life experiences whose acknowledgement by the patient can have a curative effect.

What is past life regression meditation?

Introduction. Past life regression is a technique that attempts to use hypnosis in order to recover memories from previous lives. According to past life regression therapists, many mental health issues that patients experience may have their origins in traumatic experiences of past lives.

Who is Catherine in many lives many masters?

Dr. Weiss was censured by the medical establishment in 1988 after he published “Many Lives, Many Masters.” In it he details his work with a patient he calls Catherine, who, under hypnosis, the book says, remembered multiple past lives, relieving her of paralyzing phobias. It has sold more than a million copies.

Who wrote Many Lives Many Masters?

Брайан Вайсс

Is Many Lives Many Masters Real?

In Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr. Weiss tells the true story of Catherine, her many existences, her remarkable therapy sessions, and the vision she revealed of the human mind and soul. Dr. Brian Weiss is a highly respected psychiatrist from the mainstream of the medical establishment.

What genre is many lives many masters?


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